The worst insult I’ve ever had

And people wonder why I rarely smile…this insult basically put me under the point in my life where I started to imagine a line of dead bodies of all the people I’ve had the misfortune of ever meeting and forever hating.
It was a while after a VERY explosive fight that I had when me and this girl traded eccentric cusses at each other when this boy this small willy dickhead boy decided to join in and this is what he said to me

‘If you died the world would be a better place’

One word:WOW.
Like seriously?
You actually hate me so much your able to say something so wicked?
Of course I did what any sophisticated person would do:I walked away. Because if I didn’t my ass would have been chucked out off school I really hate that guy,wait, let’s call him ‘dwayne’ I really hate dwayne.


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